Why Second Knee?

Designed by sports chiropractor Dr. Richard Fox with real anatomy in mind, Second Knee is the smart knee brace for athletes in high-impact sports,
such as football, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, roller derby, and rugby.

Dr. Richard Fox’s strap system mimics the action of the hamstrings in locking and releasing the lower leg. With the neoprene sleeve surrounding the
kneecap and the flexible flaps compressing the knee joint, your brain receives signals that your knee is secure. Other knee braces, whether hinged or
graphite, do not conform to your anatomy or offer all-important patellar support.

Second Knee's Air Flex® II and Air Mesh® fabrics deliver comfort and breathability, combined with impact-resistant Armor-Tex® for stretchable
and resilient flaps. For runners, cyclists, and anyone engaging in low-impact activities.