Luc Robitaille, President of Operations for the LA Kings/ Hockey Hall of Fame

     "I love and trust the brace because it feels like it replaces your ligaments. I wish it  would have been available when I played."





Doc KreisHall of Fame Strength and Speed Conditioning Coach

"I have seen a number of braces, and I have never seen anything like Second Knee. That is unbelievable.  The braces that you brought over, we’ve already received big time differences in the athletes response and strength levels. So I want to tell you, first of all, number one it works, number two they love it. It’s lightweight, and I don’t think there is anything on the market that can come up against you. It’s light, it works, and I’ll say this, it takes up the least amount of level of the leg and hip to operate. So I’m saying this to you, ‘You gotta winner!’   We’re excited that everything goes well, and we’re looking forward to seeing you over here again and again. The athletes who are using it, you know who they are, they're the ones who in the neighborhood, meaning big time, and for them to say that, I’m excited."   



Margareta Marro, Team Handball Player

"I started playing Team Handball at the age of 14 and just love this sport! By now I had three ACL surgeries; supporting my knee and avoiding new injuries are my top priorities. All this time was trying to find a brace that gives me stability but also gives me the flexibility I need during games. I have to admit that the Second Knee brace exceeded far beyond my expectations. Not only is my knee protected, but for the first time, I have a brace that also protects my patella! However, the main surprise was that my knee actually felt “lighter” and that during games and practices the brace does not move out of place, even when falling. During my first practice with the brace, the brace took the entire force of my change in movements - I just kept on charging. I totally forgot that I was wearing a brace as there are no annoying pressure points! You really can use this knee brace to the best of your abilities. It’s difficult to put in words how the brace works on your knee – best recommendation I have is to try it; especially if you play a fast paced sport and need to support your knee."



Alexander Marks, Olympic Speed Skater

"I worked out with the brace today and I felt great.  All together we were in probably working on 20 to 25 minutes of down in position time. I haven’t felt that good in a long time, and wanted to say thank you, and let you know that Second Knee is definitely doing its job.  Coach even came over to me today and said after one of the sets, “that something looked different, I looked better.” Normally, I have to come up because of the pain in the knee, but this time straight through without having to come up at all. It felt great!  It actually put that knee in place like you were talking about.  No problems whatsoever, everybody was swarming around and trying to figure out what I had going on there. Your little secret works."



Cerah "Slamaurai" Nagata, Derby Doll

"I started playing roller derby for the San Diego Derby Dolls in March of 2007 and am currently on the nationally ranked banked track team as well as the flat track travel team.  After three and half years of skating with no injuries, I tore my meniscus and my posterior cruciate ligament…in both knees. As painful as it is to fall on my knees, I have not been willing to quit the sport I love or even take a break long enough for me to have surgery on my knees.  I have tried several different knee braces to try to lessen the pain when I fall.  After several months, I tried decided to try Second Knee designed by Dr. Rick. I was absolutely blown away.  Each time I fell to my knees I felt no pain at all.  I have had the privilege to use Dr. Rick’s knee brace in several games and would never choose any other.  Thanks to Dr. Rick, I will not need to get knee surgery anytime soon and I am also able to continue to pursue my passion of roller derby."


Kristen Adolfi "Krissy Krash," Derby Doll

"I have been playing roller derby for 7 years and within that time I have seen many knee injuries, and in fact experience one myself. A brace like Second Knee provides not only the support that we need as athletes to keep our bodies safe as we recover while still having the ablity to train, but also the confidence that comes with the stability that we feel wearing Second Knee on the track knowing we are protected. I absolutely LOVE this brace and it has provided vital support I needed to keep my head in the game!"




Christopher Everitt, Marathon Runner

"I can't begin to thank you enough for introducing me to the "Second Knee." It has an ingenious design and custom fit. Your brace is easy to put on unlike other knee braces I have used in the past with complicated straps or ineffective contouring. The numbered straps from 1-4 make for an easy dressing of the knee area and outfitting of the brace. When on, your knee feels securely in place but flexible enough for regular movement and agility. It's light weight. There is a uplifting, as almost to represent a spring in your step, while keeping the area of the knee stabilized. I am thankful for you freeing me of my pain by offering such a quality product. My very best




Lottie Dah, Derby Doll

"I had a lot of bruising around my knee and it was very sensitive; even gently kneeling on it hurt a lot so I was very concerned about falling on it, especially in upcoming bouts. When I put the brace on and stood up, my knee felt lighter as if I wasn't standing on it at all. The multiple straps of the brace support my knee so well that I couldn't even feel the pressure of standing on it. When I did fall on my knee, it barely hurt and wearing the brace made me a lot more confident in playing in the bout. Second Knee is very comfortable and fits just fine under my knee pads. It's a great brace and I highly recommend it for any athlete with knee issues."




Soledad, Derby Doll

"I've been skating competitively for 5 years, and about 2 years ago I tore my meniscus and sprained the LCL in my right knee. Ever since then the injury in my right knee has given me trouble. I constantly had to ice my knee to keep the swelling down and my heart would stop every time I took a hard fall. In a full contact sport, it’s difficult to stay at the top your game when you’re afraid to take a fall. However, in September, the Hollywood Scarlets competed in the WFTDA Division 1 Tournament. Normally, by the end of a tournament weekend my right knee would be stiff and swollen, but not this weekend. I wore Second Knee for all three bouts and the support and protection was unbelievable! My knee felt strong and stable. I didn't think about my knee once during any of the bouts. Usually after one or two falls to my knee, it would start swelling, but this weekend there wasn't any. Second Knee is really an amazing brace! It not only supported my injury, it gave me complete confidence in my knee and allowed me to focus on my game to play at 110% without hesitation. I can't imagine competing in anything else."


Craig Kerzner, Jiujitsu

" I just bought the Second Knee brace and have to say I was a little skeptical at first because it didn't look sturdy enough. I just had my knee replaced and I have a very weak knee due to apathy. I also have to let you know I've had a lot of knee braces throughout my life because of all the surgeries I've had, such as store bought braces all the way up to the custom ones made from cast by specialist. Unfortunately, the hardware on the side of the braces always made it worse. I now do jujitsu full contact pretty much 3 times a week and this second knee brace REALLY WORKS. It is amazing. I've been wearing Second Knee for about 3 weeks now just to be sure before I wrote this and let me tell you it's everything they say it is. The brace keeps my knee safe with all the motion I need; it stabilizes and has plenty of cushion for the knee. I also have no soreness afterward like I did from the design of the other braces. It's truly the most fantastic brace I've ever worn. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and strong knee brace for sports or even just walking around. I wear it sometimes at work when my knee is sore and it even helps with that!"



 Paula Cronan, Massage Therapist/Surfer

"I've got some serious and chronic structural damage in my knee. My ACL is gone, and I   have extensive medial meniscus tears. My career in bodywork and my love of surfing require that I constantly ask a lot of my knee. Strengthening my leg and adjusting my stance and overall body mechanics have allowed me to carry on throughout the years. However, I recently re-injured it, and had to stop surfing for over a month. I started to become depressed, and wondered if I'd ever be able to surf again. Thankfully, Dr. Rick Fox's Second Knee brace has given me that chance! He suggested that I try it in the water, and quite frankly, I was blown away. It holds my knee together snugly, and I feel safe and confident to make my turns. I've tried many braces in my lifetime, and Second Knee by far gives me the best structural support. We were curious about the thickness of the brace in a surfing application, as it's pretty padded and designed to protect against heavy blows. After about 2 minutes in the water, I felt totally comfortable in it. For such a heavy duty brace, it's remarkably flexible and light. Truly, I've never tried anything like it. I feel so very lucky!"



Joy, Volleyball Player

"I just wanted to let you know that I played in a coed A rated beach volleyball tournament this past weekend in Hermosa Beach. Thanks to your knee brace I was able to play at a competitive level and my partner and I won the entire tournament and went with an undefeated 7-0 record for the day. I told several people about your knee brace as they were shocked to know that I was playing with a torn ACL and meniscus. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play at such a high level with the knee brace while my knees are healing. Thank you!"