The Inventors

Dr. Michael Giang
Dr. Michael Giang has practiced sports chiropractic for eleven years and operates a successful clinic, Giang Chiropractic, in Rosemead, California.
Dr. Richard Fox
Dr. Richard Fox graduated from Cleveland
Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1983. In
1987, he started his postdoctoral work in athletic injuries.

Mission Statement

At SECOND KNEE, our mission is to design the highest-quality brace and support products available to consumers throughout the world. We believe in integrity, service, setting the gold standard and pride, which is exemplified in the way we run our business and the products we offer to our customers.

Our History

May 2006: Dr. Richard Fox begins work on his concept of tab taping to recreate the action of the ACL in an athlete with a torn ACL.

October 2009: First prototype made from neoprene.

November 2009: Patent application filed.

February 2010: Discovery of Kevlar/laminate material, which allows protection against impact to knee, advances development.

April 2010: First prototypes made with Kevlar/laminate. Beta testing with Olympic athletes, college football players, speed skaters and Derby Dolls shows impressive stabilization, support and protection.
March 2011: Development of materials and structure of knee brace continues as well as testing with elite, college, Olympic and professional athletes.

February 2012: Dr. Richard Fox partners with Dr. Michael Giang.

April 2012: Dynamic Bracing Designs, LLC, is founded.

June 2013: After prototype passes safety and durability tests, SECOND KNEE is launched.